Russian soldiers over 100 were claimed by deadly himars strike

Ukraine forced to update Himars software after Russia jams rockets which caused himars strike which wipes out crowd of Russian soldiers lined up to hear general’s speech

russian soldiers ukraine himars strike
Himars strike

In a devastating turn of events near the front line in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, over a hundred Russian soldiers are believed to have been killed by a strike by Ukrainian HIMars. Reports suggest that before the tragedy the soldiers were ordered to assemble in large numbers to listen to a general’s speech. While the Russian Defense Ministry is silent on the matter, bloggers associated with the Russian military have shed light on the incident.

According to Raiber, a war blog closely associated with the Russian military, the unfortunate incident occurred near Kremena, a divisional assembly point for the upcoming offensive. Eagerly waiting for the motivational speech of the divisional commander, the soldiers had reportedly gathered there standing in a crowd for hours. Tragically, before the general could arrive, the crowd fell victim to a deadly barrage of Ukrainian howitzers and artillery fire.

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Kremena, also known as Kremynna in Ukrainian, is currently under Russian control, yet it is located less than ten miles from the frontline, making it susceptible to attacks from large artillery systems.

Although several military telegram channels blamed Major General Zurab Akhmedov, commander of the 20th Combined Arms Army, he did not provide concrete evidence to support the claim. In particular, Major General Akhmedov faced accusations last year from Russian marines who alleged that he had negligently used him as “cannon fodder” during a planned attack that allegedly killed had claimed the lives of 300 soldiers. The Russian Defense Ministry strongly denied the allegations at the time.

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While the exact number of casualties remains uncertain, preliminary reports suggest the toll may exceed the combined losses incurred in several days of recent fighting on the southern front, where Ukraine has launched a substantial counteroffensive.

If confirmed, the incident would mark the deadliest single casualty incident experienced by the Russian military since the tragic HIMAR strike on a school-turned-barracks near Donetsk on New Year’s Eve. In particular, precision strikes by Hymers rockets on Russian targets had decreased in recent months, as the Kremlin developed effective electronic warfare techniques to disrupt the rocket’s guidance systems.

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The attack near Kremena raised concerns that Ukraine may have successfully reprogrammed the rockets to evade these countermeasures, indicating a possible change in the dynamics of the conflict. The implications of this development on future engagements between the two countries remain to be seen.

As the investigation continues and further details emerge, this tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing instability in the region and the devastating toll on both sides involved in the conflict.

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